Less than 24 hours to go!

The deadline for the CANI Recognition Awards is tomorrow, Tuesday 31st January 2017, at 4pm.

Make sure you have your nominations in for the following categories.

Presidents Trophy – 

to the individual or group which has made a significant contribution to canoeing in the past year e.g. coaching, organising, administration.

Greeves Trophy –

to the competitor who shows the most progression, personal preparation, sportsmanship, effort and contribution to the sport.

Club of the year –

the club who has been innovative with its annual programme and has provided opportunities for all forms of canoeing.

Club coach of the year –

to the coach who has made a significant contribution to his / her club and its members.

Children’s coach of the year –

to the coach who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of young people at grass roots level.

Young coach of the year –

to a coach, under 25, who is delivering innovative coaching and is developing other young paddlers.


Complete the Nomination Form below and email it to office@cani.org.uk

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