Legal Structure Review

CANI, with assistance from Sport N.I, have appointed the legal firm of Cleaver Fulton Rankin to review and amend CANI’s legal company structure. This project has come as a result of our continued growth and the increased assets since our current legal structure was developed.

Cleaver Fulton Rankin are assessing the current legal structure and will make recommendations to improve our status and in time will implement the necessary changes.

CANI is currently an unincorporated Association and as this does not provide the best legal structure we are proposing to consider several options including; Charitable Trust, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Community Interest Company and Company Limited by Guarantee.

CANI council, in partnership with Cleaver Fulton Rankin, expect to present the new legal structure at the 2015 AGM for ratification. If you have any questions on this matter contact

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