CANI in conjunction with Tollymore National Outdoor Centre and Sport NI developed the British Canoeing Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport workshop and video.

The Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport video has been designed to complement the British Canoeing Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport workshop and the British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor and Coach courses.

Both the workshop and video highlights the importance of Balance, Coordination and Agility which are the key elements that underpin all movement skills required for all aspects of paddlesport, which is relevant to paddlers and coaches at all levels.

Development pyramid

The Fundamentals Continuum above shows a progression of skills in their different terminologies. The stages of the continuum show the pathway for the development of basic to sport specific skill. It is very important for paddlers and coaches to understand this progression.
Fundamentals 2 Fundamentals 3
Above are a couple of stills from the balance section of the video showing where the paddlers centre of gravity is in relation to their body position while in the kayak.

The video is broken down into three sections;

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Agility

Throughout each section of the video it looks at paddlers through their different stages of learning Novice, Practising and Skilled. The video is designed to help improve the coach’s observation and ability analyse the skills of Balance, Coordination and Agility.

The video is now free and  available on youtube.

Copyright Notice
Revenue generated from the sale of this DVD will be reinvested into the development of paddlesport within CANI. We hope you really enjoy it, and hope that you will not illegally copy, share, distribute or otherwise rip-off this video.

Thanks CANI

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