Discipline Support Modules

The British Canoeing Discipline Support Modules are designed to assist Coaches who currently hold British Canoeing Coaching Qualifications, and who want to gain more knowledge about some of the more specialist disciplines. The modules aim to set Coaches up to help paddlers train and improve.

Currently modules are available in Slalom and Sprint Canoeing; with Polo, Wildwater Racing, Freestyle, and Surf to follow.

The courses introduce and explain the basic techniques required for the discipline, and coaching strategies. The course is a mix of indoor and practical activity to ensure everyone has time to try things out. Hopefully by the close of the course Coaches will feel they have enough confidence and knowledge to put the skills into use!

The modules seek to support the continuing process of good coaching practice on the riverbank, with the syllabi written to focus on Coaches who are likely to be supporting the early development of discipline specialists.

Winners are the paddlers who are able to produce a better performance than before; by helping paddlers to train and improve, the coach gives everyone the means and opportunity to “win”!

Coaches who wish to attend a British Canoeing Discipline Support Modules are required to first register with CANI, further details on registration can be found in the folder below.