British Canoeing CPD Modules

British Canoeing Foundation Modules

These introductory modules are designed to give coaches an insight into the different topic areas. For details of the course syllabus please see the Foundation Module Summary.

Fitness for Paddlesports
Coaching the Mind
Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches
Mentoring for Paddlesport Coaches
Coaching and the Outdoors
Coaching Young Paddlers
Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport
Fundamental Paddlesport Skills
Strength and Conditioning
Swimming Pools and Paddlersports

British Canoeing Intermediate Modules

The British Canoeing Intermediate Modules are a series of training courses aimed developing coaches understanding and application of selected topic areas. The themes for these modules are driven by current understanding in sport science and coaching, and are open to any coach regardless of discipline preference.

The intermediate modules serve as Continued Professional Development opportunities for coaches who wish to supplement their coaching skills with an understanding of diverse areas within sport science and coaching pedagogy. These modules allow coaches to develop broad selection of expertise or to gain better understanding in particular areas which directly benefit their paddlers.

There are currently 4 intermediate modules:

Coaching the Mind
Optimising fitness and performance for Paddlesport Part 1
Optimising fitness and performance for Paddlesport Part 2
Paddle-ability: Adapting Equipment and Coaching

Each module involves a minimum of 6 hours contact time and can be delivered in 1 full day or over the course of several days.

Please see folders below for guidance and resources for foundation and intermediate modules.