Keeping up to date

British Canoeing Coach Update Scheme Coach Update Diagram

The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland  actively encourage all coaches to keep up-to-date with relevant developments in paddlesport and in general coaching/leading best practice. The Coach Update Scheme supports and recognises coaches’ commitment to continued learning and development.

The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland consider coaches who subscribe to the Coach Update Scheme to meet minimum standards for deployment as a coach. The flexibility which has been built into each aspect of the Coach Update Scheme allows coaches to select CPD opportunities relevant to their coaching activity.

To support quality provision of the British Canoeing Awards and Qualifications, providers of any British Canoeing course are required to subscribe to the Coach Update Scheme. It is also recommended that coaches working with British Canoeing Approved Paddlesport Providers and Clubs subscribe to the scheme.

For further information on the scheme please see the following documents: