Elaine Alexander

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Name: Elaine Alexander (aka shooter)

What personal paddling are you involved in outside of coaching? 

Sea Kayaking.

Where are your favorite places to paddle?

Lough Erne and the Donegal coastline.

What expedition experience do you have?

Few trips throughout Ireland and along its coast.

What coaching qualifications do you currently hold?

I have a Level 4 Canoe coach and and a Level 3 sea, surf and kayak.

For how many years have you been coaching?

For around 18 years

What age groups do you coach?

From young to old

What courses, disciplines and at what level do you deliver?

Any open boat courses up to 4 star and the UKCC Level 1 and 2 courses as well as FSRT.

Where do you deliver?

At the Share Discovery Village and Inish Advetures.

How have you contributed to the development of paddle sport in CANI and British Canoeing?

I focus on delivering skills and course courses in Co. Fermanagh. I also run a few paddle sports events through the Share Discovery Village such as Slalom in November and the Canoe Rally in the last weekend in June.

Personal Website: www.canoearoundireland.com

Share Discovery Village: http://www.sharevillage.org/activities/water-activity/

Inish Adventures: http://www.inishadventures.com/product-category/water-adventures/

Facebook: Elaine Alexander Shooter