Paddlesport Activity Assistant

The Paddlesport Activity Assistant supports the delivery of paddlesport activities by developing volunteers.

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The Paddlesport Activity Assistant (PAA) is an endorsement recognised by British Canoeing to support clubs, organisations and volunteers. Paddlesport Activity Assistants can facilitate activity at any time; within the lines of their organisations’ Standard Operating Procedures.

The endorsement is targeted towards volunteers, aged 14 and over, within a paddlesport setting to support the menu of activities an organisation has on offer. The Paddlesport Activity Assistant can be for existing volunteers or new volunteers. There is no required previous experience and training and support will be provided through the mentoring from the Paddlesport Activity Assistant Coordinators.


The sessions a Paddlesport Activity Assistant can lead must be identified within the organisation’s Standard Operating Procedures and be fully risk assessed. The endorsement aims to engage individuals of all paddling abilities to support specific sessions, both on and off the water.  There is a one-off fee of £50 per organisation, and once training is complete, organisations can train as many Paddlesport Activity Assistants as they need.

It is most likely to be used where sessions are repeated on a regular basis and a Paddlesport Activity Assistant could become, for example, a ‘warm up lead’, ‘family group lead’ or ‘slalom session timer’.

More detailed information on the Paddlesport Activity Assistant, can be found in the folder below;

Click here to watch our short video from Paddleplus, a Canoe Club in Leicester, about how the PAA has benefited their club and their volunteers.