Junior and U23 European Championships

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CANI athlete’s Jake Cochrane, Alistair McCreery, Elliott Davidson and Cade Ryan have spent the last 10 days in Krakow preparing to take part in the Junior and U23 European Championships in Canoe Slalom.

Today marked the end of training and the beginning of the competition schedule.

You can follow the results live on the Planet Canoe Youtube or Canoe Live Results Page for all the latest news from Krakow.

Athlete’s Start First Run Times are as follows: (Remember Krakow is an hour ahead of GMT)

Alistair McCreery – 09:15

Elliott Davidson – 14:25

Cade Ryan – 14:26

Jake Cochrane – 15:04

(Remember Krakow is an hour ahead of GMT so -1 Hour in Northern Ireland)

We wish all those competing the best of luck and look forward to some great racing in the coming few days.

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