Jonny Young – May Regatta


Well the wind picked up again so of course we would have a regatta!  Within the paracanoe squad it didn’t happen to be at the most convenient time as some of the squad arrived back from the European Championships just the week before, where once again GB topped the tables with 4 golds 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.
For some of the rest of us it is the week before we head to Duisburg, Germany for the World Cup.  In my mind this would be a good opportunity to practice what I hope to execute while out there.
Unfortunately a large number of the squad seamed to be struggling with illness, which had certainly wiped me out for the Thursday and Friday beforehand, so numbers were down and I ended up being the only person from my classification with only two others racing and then only two of us for the second race!!
But the goal is to execute my ability to its very best and so it shouldn’t matter how many people were there or not.  Although if I’m honest I don’t think I pushed myself as hard as I normally would, down to still feeling a bit sluggish.
Once up to speed I was happy to maintain technique in a strong headwind and once the wheezing stopped I felt pleased with how the kayaking is coming along.
I was testing out both a new seat set up and brand new paddles, which probably isn’t the recommended thing to do on race day, but I was very comfortable in the boat and felt the paddles where a solid addition!
The second race felt even better.  I was feeling a bit more alive and the wind had settled a bit.  I managed to take two seconds off my time and am aware it could be the only races I win this year so I made the most of it with a meal out!
I was back training today where I took my first swim since switching to kayak.  At least that didn’t happen in the race!!

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