JOIN CANI for 2019

This is a reminder that CANI membership expires on the 31st December which you can renew in your GoMembership system.

Direct Debit membership – If you have a direct debit membership set up with CANI, it will be processed by the 31st December and your membership will renew on the 1st January. When the CANI office opens in the new year your GoMembership systemwill be updated.

Six-month membership – Is an option for existing members to purchase membership for six months and then join for a year in June. This gives members the option to move the full membership payment to 1st July rather than the 1st January. This must be completed in your GoMembership systembefore the 31st December.

Membership changes

  • CANI membership runs for a twelve-month period, which will start when you make payment in your GoMembership system. You will receive an automated confirmation email and your membership card will be posted to you shortly afterwards. When you are approaching the end of your membership you will receive a reminder email.
  • The CANI membership card now shows the expiry date not the year of the membership. Event organisers will need to check for the expiry date. Members with a card showing 2018 will expire on the 31st December 2018.
  • The Introductory membership category is no longer a membership category. Those requiring membership for coaching or leadership must join as either junior or full members.
  • Changing between membership categories during a membership term is no longer an option. If you are a new member and you anticipate you will need a full membership during the twelve-month period, you should consider taking that category from the outset.

Boat insurance– is an option for CANI members which runs with your membership year. To make full use of this you can purchase the insurance with your membership in your GoMembership system. Click herefor more information on the insurance.

If you need guidance using the GoMembership system you can get help from the tutorials, or if you require assistance contact

We hope you join CANI for the year ahead and continue to avail of the membership benefits shown here.

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