Irish National Sprint Championships

9 paddlers from Belfast Canoe Club (BCC) with their 2 coaches and 3 other members from the CANI sprint squad and their coach braved a poor weather forecast to travel to Lough Rynn. They were rewarded with a superb day’s weather with ideal conditions for racing.

For 6 of the 9 BCC paddlers it was their first ever regatta, and they produced the Belfast Club’s best set of results for 30 years, with every paddler making at least one final.
Outstanding performances from the following medalists especially the new National Champions Gino & Zoe:

  • Gino Baban (BCC) 2nd in Senior 200m and 500m, 1st in Senior K2 200m (with Peter Egan from SLCC)
  • Zoe Thompson (BCC/CANI) 1st in Girls under 15 200m, 2nd in 500m and 1000m, 1st in K2 200m under 18 (with Kate McCarthy from SLCC)
  • Drew Totten/Michael O’Reilly (BCC) 3rd in Boys Under 14 K2 200m

Other CANI finalists:

  • Darcy McKee (BCC) 5th in U-15 girls 1000m, 6th in 500m and 5th in 200m
  • Sofia Lazarescu (BCC) 6th in U-15 girls 1000m, 4th in 500m and 200m
  • James McBreen (BCC) 8th in U-15 boys 1000m, 7th in 500m, and 5th in 200m
  • Drew Totten (BCC) 4th in U-14 boys 1000m, and 9th in 500m
  • Michael O’Reilly (BCC) 5th in U-14 boys 1000m, 8th in 500m and 200m
  • Noah McGivern (BCC) 6th in U-14 boys 1000 and 10th in 200m
  • Jordan Calder (CANI) 5th in U-18 Boys 500m and 200m
  • Chloe Lemon (CANI) 4th in U-18 girls 500m, 1000m and 200m
  • Jonathan Bell (BCC) 9th in U-18 boys 500m
  • Zac Todd (BCC) 9th in U-15 boys 500m
  • Zac Todd and James McBreen (BCC) 4th in U-15 boys K2 200m

Belfast Canoe Club would like to thank CANI for the loan of development K1s and K2, paddles, and trailer, without which these results would not have been possible. Thanks to the availability of this CANI equipment, BCC’s investment in club equipment, and a great deal of hard work by the Club’s volunteer coaches, some 37 people have paddled K1 with BCC this summer and 25 of these have already paddled competitively. BCC welcomes competent paddlers (1 star+ level) of any age: contact


Full results have been published by Canoe Sprint Ireland on their facebook page

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