The world of canoeing relies heavily on volunteers. There are roles in every aspect of the sport from introductory to elite, flat water to white water.  Some are water based coaching, leading and guiding while others are land based.  These include helping with events, running clubs as well as some coaching roles.  There are roles for people with different skills and across all age ranges.

Without volunteers it would not be possible to run CANI, canoe clubs or any of the canoeing events.  Here are some ways to get involved with volunteering.  Remember you can also contact CANI or your local canoe club to volunteer.

Volunteer Now – Goldmark Millennium Volunteers Award Programme

Volunteer Now is the lead organisation for promotion, development and support of volunteering across Northern Ireland. Our work enhances recognition for the contribution volunteers make.

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is a Northern Ireland-wide programme that has been developed to provide organisations with a tool to recruit, retain, support and recognise volunteers aged between 14 and 25. The programme is backed by the Department of Education and allows young volunteers to get a certificate recognising their contribution to volunteering after their first 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering.

GOLDMARK -Millennium Volunteers is the name attributed to the programme when being run through sporting bodies and clubs to recognise young volunteers within Sport.
Current delivery partners incude the IFA, Ulster Rugby, Ulster Hockey, Fencing Ireland and the GAA to name just a few.

CANI have now signed up to deliver the GOLDMARK – Millennium Volunteers awards programme.

To read more about MV in the meantime follow this link to Volunteer Now website.

Become a Volunteer Canoe Ranger – Your Waterway Needs You!!

Outdoor Recreation NI run a Volunteer Ranger Programme each year and we currently have some opportunities for Canoe Volunteers to audit the Canoe Trails of Northern Ireland. We would love it if some paddlers who are local to or who use the trails, were able to help out.

Volunteering involves travelling to the access points along the Canoe Trail of your choice either by car or canoe, once a year in the autumn time, making notes as you visit each access point and then submitting the information collected back to Outdoor Recreation NI. The information is then passed onto the relevant land manger, should maintenance or action be required. This feedback system results in a quality product on the ground and also up to date information for users online and in the Canoe Trail Guides themselves.

The list of available Canoe Trails can be seen at the following link under the ‘Vacancies’ heading. More detail on what is involved with volunteering with Outdoor Recreation NI can be seen in the Volunteer Ranger Handbook, which can also be found at the link below.

Volunteer Ranger Programme