Public Liability Insurance

CANI as part of British Canoeing (BC) have an insurance policy with Perkins Slade Insurance Broker. The policy is in place to cover members of CANI while paddling / coaching for third party public liability up to £10,000,000. The type of insurance cover is directly related to the activity being undertaken and applies to all current CANI members. As the insurance applies to CANI members it only applies to those who are current members and does not apply to those who have not renewed membership.

The liability insurance provided as a membership benefit is written on a “claims made” basis. Unlike other forms of insurance, there has to be a policy in force at the time at which the claim is made against you and at the time the activity was undertaken.  Once a policy is cancelled, expires or lapses no cover would be provided for any claim notified after the date of cancellation, expiry or lapse.

The CANI database shows what date membership starts and finishes so for example if you are a 2014 member and your membership expires on the 31st December but you don’t renew until the 1st February 2015 you will not be insured during January 2015. If you or your club are active during this period and an allegation is made that you or a club member caused an injury or loss to a third party as a result of recognised paddlesport activity, you will not be insured. Insurance can be of vital importance whether the claim has merits or not as even a successful defence can incur substantial costs.

It is important to know that insurance cannot be applied retrospectively so if you require continuous insurance a full year’s membership is required.

CANI membership year is the same for everyone which starts on the 1st January and finishes on the 31st December.

If you are responsible for club affiliation you MUST return the form before the 31st December if you wish your club activity and affiliate members to be insured. Also during the year if you running Paddlesport events you need to use the event insurance form for recording details of participants who are non CANI members.

If you are an event organiser you must check that participants are members of CANI and a register should also be kept including names, address and the date of event so that they can be traced in the event of an incident. Members of other home nations hold the  BC insurance but members of non BC nations are not insured by the BC insurance policy. CANI members are insured if an incident occurs involving a member from a non BC nation.

CANI members are insured to travel abroad to compete in events organised by members of the International Canoe Federation.

It is therefore important that you membership is renewed on time, to ensure continuation of insurance cover. If you are not a current member and a claim is made against you or you make a claim you will not be covered.

For further information on insurance and contact details for Perkins Slade follow link to British Canoeing Insurance Centre.

Follow link for Frequently Asked Insurance Questions for Clubs, Coaches, Members, Parents and Guardians.

Please ensure that all incidents that may give rise to a claim are notified to Perkins Slade via the Incident Report page.