ICF Canoe Slalom Championships

Good luck and congratulations to Jake Cochrane, Sean McLarnon and Eoin Teague, who have been competing as part of the Irish Slalom Team at the 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom and Junior U23 World Championships in Slovakia.



On day one, Jake took up 8th place after competing in a second run of the C1M course, allowing him a close qualification in to the semi finals. Sean McLarnon made his debut at this level of competition on the C1M Juniors, however missed gates, meaning he unfortunately did not progress on after the heats.


On the second day of competition Eoin Teague took part in the men’s K1M, his first run was difficult; picking up a few penalty touches, however Eoin’s second run was the fastest Irish time of 94.88 seconds, however another penalty touch left him just short of qualifying. For more Irish results and news during the championships follow the links below:


Day 1 U23 Irish Canoe Slalom Day 2 U23 Irish Canoe Slalom


For a live stream of results during completion, follow the link below:

Canoe Slalom World Championships Live Results

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