How Clubs, Organisations & Coaches can get involved

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There are five main ways you can get involved in the National Go Canoeing Week.

1.. Run Starter Sessions- Get people out on the water for the first time. Teach them the basic skills and see if they can paddle a mile for National Go Canoeing Week.

2.. Run Guided Tours- Take out groups of new and existing paddlers to explore the waterways around you. You can run a variety of tours throughout the week for different abilities. If you have a local attraction which you pass on your route why not theme the tour around this?

3.. Run an event- Why not use the week to put on a special event. On the lead up to Summer Holidays families may be looking for activities to keep them occupied. How about a young explorer’s day, a mass paddle or a fancy dress event?

4.. Become a challenge venue – If you hire boats out and have a route which paddlers can complete in their own time, you can become a challenge venue. We can promote your challenge and venue for the week.

5.. Help people to clock up their own miles – Do you have regular customers or members? Why not think up some internal mileage challenges, fun trips or social events which get people paddling extra miles for the week.

Once you have planned your sessions all you need to do it let us know! Email to receive a registration form. We will use this information to advertise your session with CANI, Go Canoeing and the Get Wet campaign.




The theme for 2017: The Big Adventure

This year’s theme is The Big Adventure! We will be encouraging everyone to get on the water and have an adventure of their own.
Adventures can be as large or small as people like; it can be someone’s first mile in a boat or a full weekend expedition!
We will be asking people to let us know all about their adventures and log their miles on the National Go Canoeing Week website.
This year’s target is 32,000 miles paddled.

Why get involved?

• Be part of a national campaign which achieved a marketing reach of 14,000,000 in 2016
• Gain new customers/members
• Strengthen your club/centre community by bringing people together for fun on the water
• Higher profile of your organisation
• Free advertising of your sessions on dedicated website
• Range of resources to support your activities and events (Posters, leaflets etc.)
• National Prize draws which your participants can benefit from
• Help us to promote the Sport at a national level
• This is your chance to make a difference to the future of paddlesport
• Because it’s just so easy to get involved!

Still not convinced? See what was achieved last year…..

• 12,864 participants took part in 2016
• 38,395 miles paddled collectively
• 360 activities and events took place from 78 locations
• 197 organisations/groups took part and registered miles
• Marketing reach 14 million
• Highest Individual mileage: 227 miles
• Highest Club mileage: 2730 miles
• Highest Organisation mileage: 5550 miles

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