Hillsborough Iron Oyster Challenge

Canoe event cancelled. …

Hitch – Iron Oyster Challenge

The Forestry Service has refused use of Hillsborough Lake for the Canadian Open Boats section of Iron Oyster Challenge. The state that it is a conservation area, lots of wildfowl and the Boats will damage the sediment etc. They also state that the water level is very low. We could appeal but it is likely to take a while and almost certainly denied.

As a fall back position John has very kindly offered to lay on Archery to replace the Open Boats. This will be sited either on the large open area where the Obstacle Course is going to be or inside the Fort. The obstacle course can be expanded, John has a slippery Plastic sheet which will be used for this. The Teams have been informed and have accepted the change, we currently have 12 teams

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