Governance and performance review

CANI Planning day

On the 22nd February CANI held a planning day at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre which was attended by representatives from CANI Council, Club panel, coaching committee, performance committee and CANI staff. The focus of the day was to reflect on activities during the last year across each of the development areas; General Developments, Coach Development, Club Development, Talent development, Governance and Culture. The days was extremely useful and has provided the committees and the staff team with clear targets for the coming year. The key points will be summarised and published along with the outcome of the Governance and Performance review.

Governance and performance review

CANI commissioned an external consultancy to carry out a review of governance and performance. The review which was funded by Sport N.I came about from the need for CANI to address two areas

  1. CANI to continue its growth and to ensure that the appropriate structures and systems are in place for the coming years.
  2. CANI to develop its performance structures and strategy for the coming years.

The consultants were tasked with gathering information from key stakeholders which included CANI committees, volunteers, athletes, coaches, Canoeing Ireland, British Canoe Union, GB Canoeing, Sport N.I and Tollymore. The consultants are in the final stages of the review and will be presenting the findings to CANI in April and will be published in the next e-zine.

We would like to thank all of you who contributed to the review and we hope that the findings will help CANI with its development across Governance and Performance.

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