Try Canoeing

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So you want to try canoeing or maybe you have done a little and would like to try some more.  Hopefully this will get you started. First thing ‘What’s the difference between canoeing and kayaking?’ you may ask.  Canoeing is the general term for our sport or hobby (or obsession) and kayaking refers to a particular type of canoe, but for many people they mean the same.  There are many branches of canoeing and they can be recreational and/or competitive as you wish.  If you are new to the sport you should try as many different disciplines as you can – you can even sail a canoe or paddle standing up.

You can start by going on one of our Recreational Paddles. These are trips which are organised throughout the year (mainly between April and October) on which anyone can go – no experience necessary and they are open to families as well.  Canoes, paddles and buoyancy aids are provided at a charge to non-members.  There are also commercial providers who will teach you to canoe and provide all the necessary equipment.  Your local leisure centre may have a course of canoeing classes or your local council may run Come and Try It sessions.  Many clubs also run beginners courses, so try contacting your nearest Club.

I hope this has given you something to think about.  Canoeing is a great pastime and is open to all who are interested in the outdoors no matter what your age or level of fitness.