Intercity Paddlers


Intercity is a dynamic group of paddlers who enjoy social activities at a variety of local rivers and coastal arenas. The club also like to travel abroad for trips away throughout the year.



Intercity Paddlers is located in Belfast, however its members come from all across Northern Ireland. Whilst  the club does not have an official clubhouse, some of the clubs coaches run the Kayaking classes on Shankill Leisure Centre on a Thursday night at 8pm and these sessions are open to all



Intercity Paddlers is a relatively small club, consisting of approx 30  members some of which are social members and the male female mix is almost equal  The club’s membership consists of only senior members with one member aged a very impressive 82. Although there are no junior members within the club, juniors are more than welcome to join the club. The club doesn’t have any age limits on members and therefore people of all ages can join the club. In order to join the club, members only have to pay £30 per annum, and this fee also includes CANI associate  membership.


Club Provision

New members will not have to purchase any new equipment as the club have ample supply equipment which is there for members to use if they wish. This equipment includes a comprehensive supply of boats, paddles and safety equipment.


Training sessions

Training sessions usually take place on Thursday night from 8.00pm-9.00pm in the Shankill Leisure Centre swimming pool and also during the weekend at suitable sites. Beginners or new members will be slowly introduced into the Wednesday training sessions in the pool and will mainly be based on the individual’s height and their ability to swim. Intercity Paddlers advertise their dates, times and locations of their training sessions through the use of flyers and leaflets which will be stuck up on the notice board in the leisure centre as well as through word of mouth. In order to attend these training sessions, members will be charged a fee of £35 per year which will cover the training fees for the year.


Trips away

The club will usually go on weekends away throughout the year to different places in Northern Ireland such as County Donegal and County Tyrone. In order to attend these trips away, members will only be charged approximately £40 and this will cover accommodation, transport and the use of equipment.


Additional information

Intercity Paddlers is a recreational club, and is seen as a social peer paddling group rather than a group of paddlers going out to compete in various competitions. Although a very small club, Intercity Paddlers takes part in several disciplines such as whitewater, sea kayaking as well as some surf kayaking. Intercity Paddlers will also host some recreational days for new members to come along to and see what the sport is like before they pay any membership fees. These sessions will be free for people to attend and are usually held on the River Lagan on a Tuesday. The club will also host some introduction sessions for potential new members so they can take part in the clubs activities for a short number of sessions before deciding whether to join the club or not. However, both of these sessions will be structured depending on the weather and the ability of those taking part.


If you need any more details or information about Intercity Paddlers, please contact the club via;

Phone: 07910237080


Or alternatively visit the Clubs official facebook page which can be found at: