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History          erne paddlers

Erne Paddlers Canoe Club was established in 2010 in order to provide the people of Fermanagh the opportunity to develop paddling for all ages, in all disciplines of the sport ranging from leisure paddling to performance competing.


The club is located at the Lakeland forum in the town on Enniskellin located near the Castle Island along the River Erne. It is very accessible either by car or public transport as there is a bus station located very close to the forum.


Despite being a new club, Erne Paddlers is quite a large club having 93 active members of all ages. Erne has a very active youth membership having 39 members under the age of 20, with 11 of them being female members. Erne paddlers also have a reasonably large senior membership having 16 members over the age of 50, of which 11 are males. The club is mainly made up of male members however there is still a substantial female membership within the club having 30 active members.

In terms of different club memberships, Erne offers 3 different membership types;

  • Junior £15
  • Adult £40
  • Family £70

It is important to note that there are no age restrictions on memberships, and is therefore open to all members of the public no matter how young or old.

Club Provision

The club has a various boats such as Open Boats, Sea Kayaks, River Boats, Surf Boats and K Boats, all of which are available of members to rent and use on trips and at sessions. However these boats come at a cost of £5 each time they are rented out. Furthermore, members will not have to purchase their own equipment to join the club, however the club ask any members who do have their own equipment to bring it along and use it. Erne paddlers is open to all members of the pubic and caters for those individuals who suffer from disabilities as a number of the coaches at the club have completed a paddleability training course, ensuring they are qualified to work with those members who have disabilities.

Training sessions

The club has a number of different training sessions in most disciplines of kayaking and canoeing available for members to attend. This includes recreational, K boat sprint and marathon, polo, surf, whitewater, open boating and sea kayaking. Training sessions take place at different times throughout the week. The Junior Bladers Sprint programme (junior sprint sessions) take place on a Tuesday night on the river while adult sprint sessions take place on a Wednesday night. Polo sessions take place on a Thursday night during the summer, however in the winter there are some changes and Polo sessions are moved to a Tuesday night where they will take place in the pool. Finally slalom sessions take place on Saturday mornings while all other sessions are organised to suit those participants who wish to take part as well as the coach taking the session. All sessions will cost £5 for each individual which will cover the cost for the equipment used. Beginners are slowly introduced into sessions and have to complete an introduction course comprising of 4 sessions, 3 of which will be in kayak and 1 session in a canoe. Each of these 4 sessions will last for 2 hours and when this course has been completed they are able to join into any session of any discipline they choose to. For junior sessions the club ask if parents are able to attend if possible, and if not provide the coach with a contact number where they can be reached if needs be. This however can change depending on the programme which the individual is participating in. The club also offer members the opportunity to take part in coaching courses and star awards. Members can take part in 2 Star, 3 Star training as well as Level 1 and 2 coaching courses, FSRT, and organise 4 Star leader training.

Trips away

The club will go on several trips throughout the year to a number of different locations. They take part in some camping trips on Lough Erne as well as trips Donegal for sea and surf kayaking. Plans have also been put in place for the club to travel to Tee Valley slalom course and for further afield for whitewater, surf and sea kayaking. These trips however do come at a small cost for those individuals who attend. The cost will differ depending on the location of the trip but there will be a charge of £5 per day for the hire of the boats, and then a small charge to pay for food, accommodation and transport for further afield trips.

Additional information

Erne Paddlers is one of the clubs that have been accredited with a Clubmark. The club practice a number of different disciplines such as Recreational paddling, open boat canoeing, sea kayaking, surf, K boat racing, polo, whitewater and slalom which all members can participate in. The club is both a recreation and performance based club. This means that members can compete in competitions if they choose to, or else simple join the club because they love to paddle and take part in the sport. Erne Paddlers also hosts its own family days which usually take place on the third weekend of July, and supports Fermanagh district Council on a number of “Come and Try It” sessions throughout the summer. If you require any additional information about the “Come Try It” days, visit the council’s website.


If you require any more information about the club please don’t hesitate to contact the club via;

Contact Number: 07434415096

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