Causeway Coast Kayak Association

History                     Causeway Coast Kayak Association club pic

Causeway Coast Kayak Association (CCKA) was established nearly 30 years ago by a group of kayakers of the North Coast. The group was based in the Portrush area and all its members where involved in the coaching scheme at different levels. Many of these members had progressed through the Bushmills Education Centre and were involved with local schools and youth clubs throughout Co. Antrim. The group wanted to enhance their canoeing experience even further and so Causeway Coast was formed.


The club is located in Portrush at the “Old Lifeboat Station” on Kerr Street in Co. Antrim.

Club Provision

New members will not be required to purchase any new equipment prior to joining the club as the club will have ample equipment, which is available for the members to use. However the club does recommend that members buy their own gear and after a period of 3 weeks new members will be charged £5 per session to rent a boat. Causeway Coast encourages all sectors of the community to join the club and currently have 4 coaches who have completed their CPD module and are now specially trained to work with individuals who have disabilities. Those individuals who have disabilities start in the pool sessions and will then progress from there.


Causeway Coast has currently 89 active members which is mostly made up of family memberships.  There is a very strong female membership within the club as of the 89 members there are 34 female members, 6 of which are junior members. There are also 55 male members with 3 junior members.

The club has three different memberships which it offers;

  • £30- (CANI members) individual adult membership
  • £35- (Non-CANI members) individual adult membership
  • £15- Individual youth membership

New members can join the club by visiting the clubs website, downloading a membership form and making an online payment to the club via: Also it is important to note there are also no age limits for new members to join the club, and the club welcomes new members of all ages and all sectors of society to come and take part.

Training sessions

The club does not usually hold structured training sessions, rather it encourages members, experienced and new to come along on the various trips that the club goes on throughout the year. However during the winter the clubs programme does alter. Adults and Juniors take part in the same sessions which will be held in the swimming pool. These sessions have proven to be very popular and are been used to for fitness purposes as well as developing members snorkeling skills. These sessions will not come at any cost for 1 and 2 star training, however for 3 and 4 star, there will be a £40 charge and this is due to the higher qualified coaches who will take these sessions. The clubs calendar including various types of training sessions can be found online via:

Trips away

The Club organises several trips throughput the year for its different disciplines. There will be a family trip organised that takes place during a weekend in May and is held at different locations within Northern Ireland. There will also be a whitewater trip held in the Republic of Ireland as well as a flatwater trip to Scotland. These trips will only cost a small amount for members to attend, and they only have to cover travel expenses and accommodation.

Additional information

Causeway Coast Kayak Association is a recreational club and is one of 7 clubs within Northern Ireland which has been accredited with a clubmark, The Club is also very proud of its strong family membership base and it gives the club a very ‘like home’ feel. The club provides the opportunity for members to take part in the sports various disciplines such as white water, flat water, sea and surf kayaking as well as open boating. The club hosts a “Come Try It” day once a year where it allows non-members to come along and paddle. This is to give them a sense of what the sport is like and the different activites that the club takes part in. It provides them with the opportunity to get to know the sport, the members of the club and get a feel of what it would be like to be a member of the club. The club will also allow potential new members to come along to pool sessions and take part in 3 introduction sessions. This is to provide them with the opportunity to take part in the sport  for a short while to see whether they would want to take up the sport on a more full time bases or not before they purchase any equipment or pay any membership fees.


If you require anymore information about the club, please contact one of the clubs members whose details can be found at:

Or alternatively visit the clubs facebook page which can be found at: