C3 Craigavon Canoe Club

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C3 Canoe club was established in 2003 and was based at Craigavon Watersports Centre in Co. Armagh. The club was predominately a white water kayak club and used the local rivers such as, the Bann, Blackwater and Cusher for members to paddle on and develop their skills. The membership was fairly widespread and attracted members from all over Northern Ireland to the club. However in 2010, a decision was made to re-locate the club from Craigavon to Portadown at the Boat Club along the river Bann. This move has helped C3 Canoe Club to increase its members as grants from Sport NI have enable them to purchase new equipment, allowing the club to introduce a whole new generation of members to the sport. The club has since then expanded, offering opportunities members to take part in more disciplines in the sport. The clubs overall aim is to enhance its membership, placing a particular emphasis on welcoming families to the club.


The club is located at Portadown Boat Club. The Boat club is very accessible to the public and it can be accessed from behind the Meadows Shopping Centre, or at the Cascades Leisure Centre which is just around the corner.

Club Provision

New members to the club will not be required to purchase any equipment before joining the club as they have a large supply of equipment which is there for members to use and available free of charge. The club is open to all sectors of the community and the coaching at C3 Canoe Club is carried out by professionally trained and BCU recognised instructors. These instructors are all police checked and all operate in according to the child protection policy of CANI and BCU.


C3 Canoe club is a relatively small club having only 30 registered members and is a predominately male club. The senior section makes up most of the club having 22 adult members, 20 of which are male, and a small junior sector of 8 members, 6 of which are male.

Membership will cost;

  • Adult £35
  • Under 18 £30
  • Family £60

There are no age restrictions on new members and therefore young children are able to join the club.

Training sessions

Training sessions, which are complete free to members, are run at either the Portadown Boat Club, or Cascades Leisure Centre, the location of which will be dependent on the weather and time of the year. During the summer sessions will take place at the Boat Club a Wednesday and either a Saturday or Sunday evening from half 7 to half 9. However this changes in the Winter and the sessions move to the pool in Cascades Leisure Centre which will take place on Wednesday nights. From half 8 to half 9. For new members who have not paddled before, the club has a beginners programme which is a for session programme for them to get to grips and learn some of the necessary skills they need in order to go out on the water.

Trips away

The club will often go on trips away throughout the year to different locations across Northern Ireland. However they also arrange trips to part of Scotland and further afield, across Europe to the Alps for whitewater and flatwater trips. However the cost of these trips will be complete dependant on the location. For the local trips members will be changed £5, however for the trips to Scotland or to other parts of Europe, members will have to fund the cost of the entire trip themselves.

Additional information

C3 Canoe club is mainly a recreational club as it tried to get more and more families involved in the sport. The club offers its members the opportunity to participate in the sports main disciplines; whitewater, free style, canoeing and sea kayaking. To try and attract new members, the club will host a “Come and Try It” day where new members, can come and try out various types of canoeing or kayaking. This usually takes place once every year. The club also offers a free introduction session to potential new members where they can come, take part and see if it is for them and if they enjoy it before they make up their min on whether to become a member or not.


If you require any additional information, or want to find out more about C3 Canoe Club, contact the club via email: c3paddlers@gmail.com