Broighter Polo Paddlers


Broighter Polo Paddlers is a relatively new club having only been established on the 13th of December 2013 during an inaugural meeting at the Roe Valley Leisure Centre.  The aim of the development of a club was to deliver a sustained focus on Canoe Polo, and establish a number of junior teams that could compete in local and regional Canoe Polo tournaments within a 1-2 year timeframe.



The club is based at the Rea Valley Leisure Centre in Eglinton, Co. Derry/Londonderry. The club is however looking to move to a new location, and there are hopes to have a new premises finalised by the end of 2014.



Broighter Polo Paddlers has attracted a number of members despite having only been established in 2013. The club consists of 38 members, 30 male and 8 female members. In order to become a junior member of Broighter Polo Paddlers, individuals have to be 8 years and older.

Membership will cost;

  • £30 individual adult
  • £50 family
  • £25 junior
  • £25 individual adult concessionary
  • £10 associate member (non paddling parents/guardians)


Club Provision

Members will not have to purchase any items prior to joining as the club will supply members with all the necessary equipment. The club has at its disposal, 12 Polo boats and an assortment of Polo Buoyancy Aids, Polo Paddles, Helmets and spraydecks. Members will be charged a total of £3 per session for renting this equipment and there is also a family rate which will cost £10.


Training sessions

Broighter Polo Paddlers is open to all sectors of the community and invited all groups to come and participate in canoe polo. The club hosts one indoor and one outdoor Canoe Polo training session each week and also one surf session per week depending on the weather conditions. The indoor sessions take place at Roe Valley Leisure Centre on Friday evenings from 9pm to 10pm. These sessions will run though Autumn, Winter and Spring before being stopped in the Summer. Outdoor sessions take place on a Wednesday evening at Enagh Lough. These sessions start at 6pm during the Spring and Summer, and will then change to Saturday afternoons during the Autumn. Each session, whether it is an indoor or outdoor session will only cost £3 and junior sessions and senior sessions will take place at the same time. They will however be participating in separate matches. Beginners are introduced to the club by firstly attending one of the clubs “Come Try It” days which is then followed by a 4 session fundamental course and a 1 star award. During junior sessions, and in particular the parents of ALL those members who are either less than a 2 start standard or under 14 members, to be present during the training sessions.


Trips away

The club does organise some trips away from its normal training location at the Rea Valley Leisure Plex. The club does not travel to other countries; however they will regularly attend Polo tournaments held at Erne Paddlers Canoe Club. To attend these tournaments the teams will only have to pay the fee for the rental of the equipment.


Additional information

The club participates in two different disciplines, Canoe Polo and Surf Kayaking. The club is mainly a performance based club although it does participate in recreational activities at times. In order to try and attract new members to the club, they host “Come Try It” sessions so members can come and participate in various activities and see if they would like to get more involved within the sport. The club also runs 5 introduction sessions for all new members. Again this is to let potential new members to come along and take part in 5 sessions before paying a membership fee to see if they would like to get involved within the sport.