Ballyholme Yacht Club

History               Ballyholme yacht club

Ballyholme Sailing club was established in 1900 and began to hold races in 1901. However the development of the club was abruptly stopped due to the outbreak of the First World War when members left to fight in the war. The club was the re-established in 1919 and changed its name to the Ballyholme Yacht Club, and it has been known as this to the present day. The clubs development however was once again interrupted by World War 2, however the club remained active. In 1963 the clubs old clubhouse was demolished and replaced by a two-storey building that now includes the office, the lounge and ladies’ toilets. Further development of the club took pace in 1975 which included a single storey section which houses the Jubilee Room, galley, gents’ changing room and showers. The final stage of development on the club took place in 1996 with the establishment of a Rescue and Training building, and this has been the clubs most recent stage of development.



The club is located on the Seacliff Road in Bangor, and is very accessible to all sectors of the public. There is always a member of staff in the office Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm to answer any queries that you may have.



The club has a vast membership consisting of over 750 members, spread across all age groups and genders. Ballyholme offer a number of different types of membership to suit all members of the public;

  • Senior £270
  • Family £472
  • Retired £105
  • Intermediate £120
  • Junior £65
  • Cadet £60
  • Outport £55
  • Diving Section supplement + £40
  • Social £135 (inc. VAT)

If you require any more information about the clubs membership, or joining the club, please do not hesitate to contact Helen or Sandra by phoning 0289127146 or by emailing or


Club Provision

New members will not have to purchase any of their own equipment as the club will provide buoyancy aids, spray jackets and wetsuits. In terms of equipment, the club provides use of their boats which include; 5 Laser Picos, 4 Laser Bahias, 3 RS Fevas, 2 Toppers and 3 Yaks (safetyboats). These have to be used as part of organised training but the RS Fevas and Toppers can be hired. However for use of these boats, members will be charged a fee of £250 per year for a Topper or £250 per part Icebreaker Series for an RS Feva. Otherwise Laser Picos are available from £20 per Friday night (1-2 people). The club will also cater for those members who have disabilities. To the clubs disappointment they do not have hoists to assist members of physically disabilities, however they do cater for groups of people who are deaf and having learning difficulties.


Training sessions

The club offers a number of different courses which members and non-members can participate in including Sailing, Powerboating, Navigation, First-aid and Marine Radio. In terms of training sessions, they run all year round and take place at different times throughout the year and the training schedule can be on the clubs website. For beginners the club offers “Try-a-sail” taster sessions for new starts which take place throughout the summer or you can take part in private sessions which run all year round. In terms of training sessions there is some variation throughout the year. During the summer holidays cadets (juniors) train during the weekdays and adults at the weekends. However, this changes during the Autumn months and everyone comes on a Saturday afternoon with each session usually costing £10 per person. When junior sessions (dolphins and sharks) are taking place it is imperative that, for health and safety reasons that their parents are present for the entirety of the session.


Trips away

Some members will organise trips throughout the year to different parts of Ireland and in some cases other parts of the UK and indeed Europe. These trips will however cost the members and the cost of the trip will depend on the location.


Additional information

The club only offers sit-on-top canoeing as part of their summer courses and some members have received their BCU one star qualification though this. The club is seen as both recreational and a performance based club and is in the process of receiving a Clubmark. To attract new members to the club they offer some “Come Try It” (recreational) days which take place one day a month during the summer (June, July and August). The club however does not offer any introduction sessions for potential new members, so it is recommended to come along to one of the recreational days or else a training session to join the club.