One Family – Funding Opportunity for Clubs

One Family has once again re-opened the Foundation Community Awards scheme has once again and it could provide an amazing opportunity to further enhance our clubs.

The Foundation Community Awards scheme will be awarding 4 winners with £25,000 and 15 winners with £5,000 for their community projects. In the past we have helped community groups to save their local swimming pools, improve accessibility for disabled people and improve their facilities. I think that any clubs wanting to improve their facilities or make their clubs more accessible would be interested in this funding opportunity.

Projects need to be nominated to us by one of our customers. We have over 2 million across the UK so it isn’t as hard as a it sounds! The nomination period ends at 9am on 26 May before public voting will determine the winners. Voting opens on 2 June at 10am and closes at midday on 29 June.

To find out more information about the awards scheme, please visit:

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