Freya Hoffmeister! Talking Tour

Freya Hoffmeister- one of the most renowned and accomplished female sea kayakers worldwide is touring Ireland, and will be hosting her “Think Bigger! – The First Circumnavigation of South America” presentation at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre.

Freya who is known as the “Goddess of love to the sea’s” has circumnavigated Australia, South Island New Zealand, South America and Ireland SOLO.

Now Freya is coming to Ireland, and is here to tell you about her enthralling journeys, where she has faced both challenges and highlights on land and sea.

Freya, unlike any other expeditioner, adventurer or sea kayaker has started her greatest challenge yet; the circumnavigation of North America. Freya’s motto “Never start stopping, and never stop starting” is reflected in her past and ongoing adventures, and NOW is YOUR chance to hear Freya’s story!

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