Dredging On River Lagan

Dredging On River Lagan




Notice is hereby given that the River Lagan impoundment between Lagan Weir and Stranmillis Weir will be undergoing a major maintenance dredging scheme commencing 27th September and programmed for completion 31st March 2011. During this period the river will be closed to all traffic heading from BelfastHarbour unless prior written permission has been issued by the River Manager.

The project will commence at Stranmillis Weir and will be phased so that sections of the river will be handed over to rowers for recreational use as they are completed.

The approximate length of time from commencement of the project and closure of the river, to reopening of the various sections is detailed in the table below:

SectionReach of RiverWeeks after start date
AStranmillis Weir to Kings Bridge6
BKings bridge to Outfall9
COutfall to Ormeau Bridge13
DOrmeau Bridge to McConnell Weir19
EMcConnell Weir to Lagan Weir29

The start date of the works is 13 September 2010 and if this changes river users will be notified.

For the duration of the works there will be a general presumption against rowing from Monday to Friday between the Contractor’s agreed working times, 07:00 to 18:00, in Sections A-D (see Drawing No.101018/SK/101 enclosed for details of Sections A – E).

This presumption against rowing also applies from Monday to Friday between the Contractor’s agreed working times, 07:00 to 22:00, in Section E. However, based on recent negotiations, this has been relaxed to allow rowing to the AlbertBridge after 18:00 whilst the Contractor is working downstream of the AlbertBridge. Once the Contractor’s plant is moved upstream of the Albert Bridge, the extent to which the river will be open after 18:00 in Section E will be subject to review based on the Contractors programme.

Details will be issued to all river users on a weekly basis via the email circulation system (Please contact emma.casement@dsdni.gov.uk if you want included on the circulation list). It is intended that once the Contractors works move upstream of the AlbertBridge, rowing will be permitted to a point defined by an agreed marker, 100m upstream of the Contractors working area where crews will be required to turn.

Access will be allowed to all Sections of the river by all crews on Saturday mornings until 13:00 and all day Sunday. During these times normal rules of the river will apply. Once sections have been completed all river users will have unrestricted access to that particular section of river. Notification of completion will be issued by the River Manager. River users are to note that access to the River above the Stranmillis Weir will be provided throughout the duration of the works and any clubs wishing to avail of this access should contact the River Manager. Clubs will be expected to carry out appropriate risk assessments and mitigate them before allowing their members to use this access, they should also take account of changing flow conditions before entering the river and minors and novices must be closely supervised.

Once works have been completed to Section A, access to all sections of the river shall be allowed only to nominated crews from QUB & Rowing Ireland between 14:00 and 18:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Specific details for the agreed shared use scheme will be given at a safety induction with the nominated rowers. It is extremely important no rowers enter the shared use areas without prior written permission and a safety induction and briefing from the River Manager and dredging contractor.

Violation of these agreed concessions by any club or crew shall result in the immediate withdrawal of the concessions and a blanket ban on rowing during Contractor’s working hours being enforced.

The contractors work area will be clearly marked using signage and buoys and the River Warden’s boat will be on duty to ensure that river users comply with the River Lagan Tidal Navigation and General Bye-Laws (NI) 2007 applicable to this Notice.

Peter Gallagher

River Manager
Belfast City Centre Regeneration Directorate
Lesley House
25 Wellington Place

Friday, 24 September 2010

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