Digital Course Submissions

The Membership Portal enables providers to automatically have their course authorised and advertised, submit the candidate results and pay online. 

The following documents and videos provide guidance on the course authorisation and course submission processes. This guidance is slightly different depending on whether your course needs authorisation ahead of the course or not. 

Guidance Document: Course Authorisation and Submission

Guidance Document: Course Submission (No authorisation required)

To submit the Paddle Start and Paddle Discover certificates, visit

To submit the Paddle Explore & Discipline Specific Awards, log in to your CANI Membership Portal.

Logging in and the course dashboard, please use the video below as guidance, but sign in at the following link to the CANI membership portal or sign in through the member area on the CANI website, do not try and sign in through British Canoeing portal.

New Course Authorisation

Submitting Authorised Course Results

Start Certification

Discover Certification

Explore and Discipline Specific Certification