Defibrillators for Sport


The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland are delighted to have received a new defibrillator unit as part of an initiative run by Sport Northern Ireland in partnership with the Department for Communities. This initiative aims to see 500 AED units throughout local communities in Northern Ireland in support of the Department of Health’s Community Resuscitation Strategy and in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, to chart AEDs available at Northern Ireland sports clubs.

Approximately 1,400 ‘out of hospital’ cardiac arrests take place in Northern Ireland each year. Through the immediate administration of basic life support and the safe use of AED units, the likelihood of an individual making a full recovery is dramatically increased.

This unit will be available at CANI events and competitions helping to equip our volunteers and representatives to respond to incidents of cardiac arrest. If you are managing an event and would like to enquire about the AED unit, please get in touch by calling the CANI office or emailing,

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