Dan and Steve around Ireland 2015

Circumnavigation of Ireland by Sea Kayak in support of RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution

On the 23rd of August, Dan Mc Gonigle and Steve Miles two outdoor enthusiasts took on the 1000 mile challenge to circumnavigate Ireland by sea kayak. The trip itself has been done by a great deal of people from all sorts of backgrounds. The most recent was completed by Mick O’Meara in a scorching 23 days. Dan and Steve did not set out to break records but simply wanted to do the trip as a personal challenge and in a quick time, weather permitting. They also wanted to raise funds to support the valuable work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI.

The start and finish location was Bullock Harbour, County Dublin on the east coast of Ireland. This start location was picked because both lads work and live in North Wales although Dan originally hails from Portstewart in Northern Ireland

Starting point – Bullock Harbour 23rd August 17.00hrs

The craft that they chose for the trip was the NDK Explorer HV Sea Kayak and a huge thank you is recorded here for the kind assistance of Nigel Denis from Sea Kayaking UK who has provided the kayaks for the trip.

In terms of all of the other paddling needs the staff at Surf-Lines were very kind and helped support Dan and Steve with personal kit. It was also the staff team at Surf-Lines in Llanberis North Wales that encouraged the lads to take on the trip in the first place.

Check out their website at. http://www.surf-lines.co.uk/ 

Dan and Steve have now accomplished their task and paddled back into Bullock Harbour on the evening of Friday 25th September after 34 days completing on average just over 30 miles a day. A small group of supporters welcomed them back and there was no shortage of volunteers to help sort out the equipment and allow the lads some time to collect their thoughts on what was an exciting and eventful trip. Dan will complete his blog once he has recovered from the trip and we can all read about their exploits and adventures around our wonderful coastline.

Dan and Steve were greeted by Eamon who is the duty Cox of the Dun Laoghaire Lifeboat representing the RNLI who welcomed them back into Bullock Harbour  to recognise their achievement and the value of their efforts to support the institution.

Finish point -25th September Bullock Harbour 34 days later

RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution Charity Registration No. 209603

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Its volunteer lifeboat crews rescue an average of 24 people every day and RNLI lifeguards provide  a seasonal lifeguard service on selected beaches. The RNLI is independent from Government and relies on donations from people like you.

Anyone with an interest in supporting this venture is invited to read Dan’s blog via thefisheronthemoon.wordpress.com alternatively please visit the Just Giving page – Dan and Steve around Ireland 2015 – and make a donation.

Dan and Steve would like to acknowledge the support that they have received from friends and family, sponsoring organisations, those who made donations to the RNLI and also to the many unnamed individuals around the Irish coast who offered, encouragement, cups of tea, a place to pitch a tent and even the odd tipple here and there. The memories created during their journey will last a lifetime and inspire generations of sea paddlers to come.

For more information please contact Dan Mc Gonigle on 07598 394519 or  danielmcgonigle@btinternet.com 

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