Creggan training Course

The Department for Employment and Learning in conjunction with Creggan Country Park has developed a training programme to meet the needs of the company. The course is provided under the Department’s Bridge to Employment programme which aims to equip unemployed people with the skills to compete for new job opportunities.

Training Conditions:

10 weeks intensive training based at Creggan Country Park in Londonderry, under the Bridge to Employment programme. You will retain your benefits while in training (10 weeks) You may be eligible for child care allowance while in training. You will be reimbursed weekly travel expenses, limited to the cheapest cost of using public transport while in training under the Bridge to Employment programme. i f you successfully complete the training programme you will be interviewed by Creggan Country Park with a view to offering permanent employment.


The training course is designed to provide the trainee with a sound understanding of the tasks involved in Outdoor Pursuits Coaching and will include:

• Aquatic First Aid;

• Paddlesport up & including to Star 3 level;

• BCU Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport;

• Foundation Safety & Rescue;

• Child Protection and Manual Handling.

If you wish to comment about any aspect of our service please contact Cregan Country Park Download the flyer


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