Course Provider Information

This new Course Authorisation digital platform offers both the CANI Coaching Department and Providers a whole host of time saving features that will enable us all to work smarter and more efficiently and will have some direct benefits for our members and course candidates. 

To list a few of the benefits:

  • Course authorisation sitting within our membership platform reduces duplication, allows the system to provide automated checks and if all conditions are met issue instant authorisation.
  • The system removes any delays in the advertising of courses, courses instantly appear on the Canoe Near You map.
  • A record of a provider’s courses (and candidates) sits in their membership area, allowing them to see ‘at a glance’ past course details and provide them with a log of their delivery.
  • Moving course authorisation into our membership platform paves the way for course results to be recorded online and reduces links in the chain of certification often outside of British Canoeing and the providers area of control (postal services etc).
  • This integration also allows providers to nominate 3rd party contacts for booking enquiry’s in situations where the provider is not the course organiser. 

Please follow links for full information, guidance documents and videos on how to use the new course authorisation and submissions in the CANI Go Membership System.

Running a Course – Course Authorisation

After Course – Digital Course Submission

Become Course Provider and Staying Current

The following section outlines information for those wishing to become Course Providers and the roles that CANI are currently recruiting for.

It is acknowledged that individuals working towards becoming a Provider have different levels of experience, knowledge and skills. It is recommended that a development plan is considered to gain experience, working with different Providers and in different environments prior to submitting an application. For anyone new to providing British Canoeing awards, it may be useful to construct a development plan with a more experienced Provider or a National Association Trainer.  

The following document provides guidance for those wishing to become Safety, Leadership or Module Providers: Safety Leadership And Support Module Development Pathway  

Please visit the British Canoeing Awarding Body website for the relevant Course Documents.

Note, the following information is for the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland members. Please visit your National Association website to find out about upcoming Orientations and application information. 

Follow links for information on provider roles, Orientations and Moderations

Coaching Provider Roles – Orientations and Moderations

Leadership Provider Roles – Orientations and Moderations

Safety Provider Roles – Orientations and Moderations

Personal Development Provider Roles – Orientations and Moderations