Coronavirus (Covid-19)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Guidance for learners of British Canoeing and British Canoeing Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Guides, Quality Mark Centres and Course Providers.

British Canoeing has received several enquiries concerning the risks of COVID-19 during paddlesport activity and British Canoeing courses. 

The following guidance supplements guidance available from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and
Department of Health Northern Ireland (DHNI) ( Public Health England (PHE) ( as well as Public Health Wales (, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) ( and\), and may change based on increasing experience in the care of patients with COVID-19, as well as the effect of the outbreak on health services. It is therefore important to always check the latest guidance on the DHSC/PHE/PHW/HPS/DHNI websites. 

COVID-19 is thought to spread in a way similar to seasonal influenza; from person-to-person through close contact and droplets. Standard principles of infection control and droplet precautions are the main control strategies and should be followed rigorously. Aerosol transmission can also occur. Attention to hand hygiene and containment of respiratory secretions produced by coughing and sneezing are the cornerstones of effective infection control. 

We would encourage you to read the following Government guidance in order to develop strategies if the current situation should change. 

If you are in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, please see your National Association website for any further country-specific guidance. 

Government guidance 

Statement for Course Candidates and Activity Participants

Statement for Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides

Statement for Course Providers

Moderation, Orientation and British Canoeing Courses

Statement for Centres