Clubmark success for Causeway Coast Kayak Association

CANI would like to congratulate Causeway Coast Kayak Association on the completion of CANI Clubmark. John Wilkinson along with his Clubmark committee started their journey to Clubmark 2013. They began by developing policies around Effective Management, Quality Coaching, Competition and Safety in Sport. The Club worked very hard over the last year in implementing these policies into the day to day running of their club, which is working at a very high standard. All aspects of the club are very well managed. Well done to all members of Causeway Coast Kayak Association!

CANI would also like to congratulate Foyle Paddlers, one of our first clubs to go through the Clubmark scheme, on their re assessment of Clubmark. Foyle Paddlers have found Clubmark to be very valuable to their club. By completing the health checks each year with the support of CANI, the club had only a little work to do to complete their re assessment. Well done to all members of Foyle Paddlers!

Clubmark N.I. is Sport Northern Irelands quality junior accreditation that demonstrates to sporting partners, local authorities, schools and parents that a club meets the minimum operating standards to ensure clubs serve young people well, by offering a quality experience in a welcoming environment.

Junior sports clubs can achieve Clubmark N.I. accredited status by meeting minimum operating standards in the areas of:
Effective Management;
Quality Coaching; and
Competition Safety in Sport.
Further information on the scheme and how to commence your accreditation process can be found here

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