Club Event Safety Management Workshop

Overall, canoeing has a good track record for safety management at events; however there have been a number of serious accidents which has demonstrated that more could be done to improve this. In order to support clubs and canoeing activity at all levels British Canoeing has developed a workshop that highlights ‘duty of care’ issues* and offers simple and effective solutions to manage safety. The focus of the workshop is to raise awareness of safety management and duty of care issues as they effect clubs and committees, both in their normal everyday activities and also when they may run events. The workshop provides guidance and support to mitigate responsibilities using the concept of an ‘activity/event span of control’ to bring simple well organised solutions that people can understand and apply during even the most complex process.

The next Event Safety Workshop will be;

  • Tuesday 14th November from 7.00 – 10.00pm at the CANI Office

It is recommended that all clubs consider appointing a safety officer and attending the training. The training will support clubs and committees in understanding and fulfilling their general safety responsibilities.

Cost and booking
Places are £10 per person, to book on the workshop please return booking form (below) with payment to

Further information on Event Safety please follow link.

*Duty of Care
Anyone promoting and offering sporting and adventure training opportunities has a duty of care to look after all persons involved – whether they are participants, instructors, support staff, volunteers or observers and to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, their health safety and welfare.
This duty encompasses all persons who might be associated with activities whether sport or social related, such as participants, spectators, coaches, instructors, volunteers, contractors, visitors and guests and also members of the public. It is important to note that associated activities, such as socials, fundraising events, prize giving’s are also covered by a duty of care.

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