Club, Athlete and Coach Educators Profiles

Mark Torbitt who is on placement with CANI from Jordanstown University has created profile sections to the CANI website for Clubs, Athletes and Coach Educators.

So far we have 12 club profiles uploaded on the website and are hoping to hear back from the other clubs as soon as possible. We have been profiling the clubs in order to publicise them and make potential new members aware where the various clubs are located, which is closest to them and more information about the club and their activities and disciplines so they can see which club would best suit them.

Thus far none of the athlete profiles have been uploaded, however we have heard back from 5 CANI athletes whose profiles will be uploaded very soon and we are looking forward to hearing back from the rest as soon as possible. We are profiling the athletes so other members can see all they have achieved so far, but also to make it a lot more personal and give encouragement to the younger members, who look up to these athletes and hope to one day reach the level of our current athletes.

Coach Educators
The Coach Educator profiles have been sent out and we hope to have them back and uploaded in the coming weeks. We are looking to gain more information on the coaches to allow members to get to know the coaches a bit more, but to also make members aware who CANI’s top coaches are.

If any athlete, coach or club who’s profile has not been uploaded and would like it to, please email

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