2016-17 Children’s & Young Coaches of the Year – Tommy Thompson & Owen Tay

Tommy Thompson and Owen Tay, both of Lisburn City Paddlers (LCP) were presented with their trophies as part of CANI’s recognition awards 2016-17 after a club junior session at Shaws bridge on Friday 2nd June 2017 by CANI board member Gareth Mahood.

Children’s Coach of the Year was awarded to Tommy Thompson.  Tommy has led the junior section of Lisburn City Paddlers for the past four years.  Every year, the clubs junior program has grown in numbers and success.  Junior paddlers under Tommy’s leadership have achieved many star awards and some have gone on to join CANI’s Development Squads.  As well as being devoted to the junior coaching within the club he is also heavily involved with the junior paddlesport hubs throughout the province and is great ambassador for junior development within paddlesport, and somehow he still manages to find time to get out and paddle.

Tommy commented after receiving his trophy: “Thanks to all the parents from LCP for your commitment in bringing your children each week. Without you and the coaches who provide excellent coaching and support each week I could not possibly run each Friday night so smoothly. Big thanks to Heidi Thompson for doing the paperwork, emails and supporting me over the past 4 years.
LCP juniors are a great group for children who always want to learn, perfect their skills and have fun.
Thanks to all those who voted for me to receive the childrens coach of the year award from CANI”

Young Coach of the Year was awarded to Owen Tay.  Owen has been canoeing from a young age and has been involved with many clubs on his journey to becoming a coach. Owen is now an active club coach with Lisburn City Paddlers and the Junior hubs and enjoys seeing other young paddlers develop.

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Photos by John McClean

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