Canoeing Ireland Club Championships

Canoeing Ireland would like to extend an invitation to CANI and all of the Northern Ireland Canoe Clubs to come and take part in the 2016 Club Championships in Cloondara, County Longford on the 16th & 17th April 2016.


The Club Championships is now in its third year and is growing from strength to strength.  In 2015 over 250 people from ten of Irelands largest clubs attended the Club Champs creating a great atmosphere and friendly rivalry.  The event includes a competition in each of the 7 canoeing disciplines, Slalom, Sprint, Marathon, Wild Water Racing, Polo, Freestyle and Surf, which are accessible to all age groups.  Wild Water Kayak Club has now won the Club Championships two years in a row although the position has been hotly contested with a number of clubs hot on their heels.


It would be fantastic to spread the culture of the event into Northern Ireland and to have cross border representation at an event that has become one of the highlights of the Irish Paddling calendar.  You can find more information and all event details on the event webpage  We look forward to seeing you there.

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