Canoe Slalom



Our vision is to develop a Performance Athlete Pathway that will enable Northern Irish paddlers to succeed at the highest level.

In order to achieve the above we have created a tiered, progressive squad structure with three clearly defined levels and selection criteria:

  • CANI Talent Squad – Supporting Paddlers who are in Premier Division or seeking selection to British Canoeing or Canoeing Ireland Team in that current year.
  • CANI Development Squad – Supporting Paddlers who are in Division One and Two who have a rising performance profile.
  • CANI Talent ID Squad – Supporting Paddlers who have a rising performance profile and are seeking to perform and progress within the sport.













Success is based on a seamless Performance Pathway where paddlers would be supported to transition from club structure to the CANI Performance Programme before entering into the British Canoeing World Class Programmes or Canoeing Ireland High Performance Programmes.

Selection Process

The CANI Performance Programme will be reviewed every 1st April and 1st November and paddlers will be selected/de-selected/promoted or demoted.

During this selection process the selectors have the discretion to determine:

  •  The size of the squad, taking into account the target size and minimum numbers.
  • Whom to select.

In making their decision, selectors are expected to use the Paddler profile approach (Further information on this approach can be found at the end of the Canoe Slalom Selection Policy Document). This, together with the following will inform the selector’s decision on an individual basis:

  • Age
  • Performance Potential
  • Attitude and Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Goals and Aspirations
  • Adherence to the programme

Selectors will include the CANI Performance Committee and relevant coaches.

Discretionary Selection

At the discretion of the CANI Talent Lead, in consultation with coaches, a paddler can be nominated as “invited” to participate in the CANI Performance Programme activities.

Paddlers will be invited based on the following factors:

  • Proven performance at key venues
  • If they can contribute to enhancing the quality and competitiveness of the training environment
  • Age and potential
  • Attitude and behaviour

The terms and conditions of the invitation will be agreed on a case by case basis, which will be ratified by the CANI Performance Committee.
Discretion can be used in the case of injury or where an existing performance profile can be demonstrated.

Informing paddlers

CANI will offer places to paddlers in writing by e-mail within 10 working days of the Talent Programme Review and a confirmation letter there-after for their own records. Paddlers must accept the letters of offer within 10 working days of receipt of this e-mail. If paddlers have not accepted an offer, CANI will base decisions to offer further places on the criteria outlined above.


By entering the selection process the paddler agrees that any appeal against a selection decision will be dealt with in accordance with the CANI dispute resolution and disciplinary procedure document

Annual Fee

An Annual Fee is payable to participate in the programme (based on the scale of activities included and on the current investment from Sport Northern Ireland). This Annual Fee will be paid in instalments (Starting from 1st April – 31st March), agreed in advance with the CANI Talent Lead.


The complete CANI Canoe Slalom Selection Policy Documents can be found in the folder below: