Canoe Foundation Grant Scheme

Canoe Foundation Grant Scheme
The ‘Canoe Foundation’ is a registered charity and part of the British Canoe Union and its principal function is to raise money; inform and educate; and allocate funds, in line with the charity’s mission statement: ‘positively changing lives through canoeing’.

In the last ten years the Canoe Foundation has awarded in excess of £190,000 worth of grants to more than 156 projects, which have in turn benefited over 35,000 individuals. Applications and successful awards have increased considerably over the past few years, with over £80,000 awarded in the last three financial years.
Most grants are awarded through the charity’s Small Grants Panel which meets three times a year, in February, June and November. Their remit is to award grants specifically relating to Young People and Disability (Equality) in line with their Application Guidelines and Criteria. The Small Grants Panel has a budget of £25,000 per annum therefore the usual grant awarded is up to £1,000. However, in exceptional circumstances the Small Grants Panel may award up to a maximum of £2,000.

Larger grants (anything above £2,000) and those which fall into the other key areas; Places, Heritage, and International, are decided on by the Charity’s Trustees.

Grant Application consideration dates
Application Deadline – noon on Tuesday 7th May 2013
• November
Application Deadline – noon on Monday 7th October 2013

Full information on the Canoe Foundation is available on their website

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