About Us

The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (CANI) was formed in 1964 and is the governing body responsible for the management, co-ordination, development and promotion of canoeing in Northern Ireland.  It represents the interests of its members to government, the public, and through British Canoeing to the International Canoe Federation.

CANI is the Northern Ireland division of British Canoeing which is the governing body for the UK. CANI, through British Canoeing is affiliated to the International Canoe Federation.

In 2017, CANI became a registered company, CANI is currently run by a voluntary board which is elected at the AGM each year. To assist the board with developments, there are a number of specialist sub-committees.

  1. The coaching committee takes responsibility for all Coaching matters.
  2. The club committee is a forum for clubs to meet, share ideas and advise on developments.
  3. The performance committee takes responsibility for all Racing, Surf, Polo and Slalom matters.
  4. Equality committee, which advises on equality, inclusion and diversity.

CANI is an equal opportunities organisation, and all members of the community are welcome within our membership, in line with our Equality Policy.

CANI’s VISION for 2017 – 2021

The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Wales and the English branch of British Canoeing share a vision for canoeing across the UK; Inspire people to pursue a passion for paddling for health, enjoyment, friendship, challenge and achievement

CANI’s Objectives for 2017 – 2021;

The measure of success in 2021 will be largely based on the achievement of the strategic targets (contained in this document) but success will also be measured against the following areas;

  1. Canoeing will be more accessible for people of all; ages, abilities and gender.
  2. Clubs will have greater capacity to grow the sport.
  3. Some clubs will have permanent facilities within population hubs.
  4. There will be greater awareness of CANI and canoeing across NI.
  5. E ective governance will be in place across all aspects of canoeing.
  6. A programme of leadership and people development will be in place.
  7. CANI will be nancially stable, will have additional funding streams and is building its reserves.
  8. There will be strong partnerships in place across all aspects of the organisation.
  9. There will be a high quality member service.
  10. Greater connection between CANI, its clubs and members will be evident.
  11. Major events will have been hosted in Northern Ireland.
  12. There will be greater access to places to paddle.