CANI Rec Paddle – 8th April 2017



Saturday the 8th April saw the first Rec paddle on the CANI calendar.  Staffed by a selection of coaches from Lisburn City Paddlers a large group of paddlers arrived at Blackwatertown for a paddle on the river Blackwater.

Too often in the past we prepare our warm stuff and the pre-paddle brief asked for plenty of warm clothes and a hot drink is always a good idea, the opposite on the day happened with the sun-cream being shared out in the car park at the put in.

On the water was wonderful, and a great time for rec paddle regulars to get caught up and blow the winter cobwebs off.

The number of new comers braving the initial step of coming along is always an encouraging sight for the seasoned veterans present and this paddle was no different.

Navarat was also there with the shutter of her camera an ever present sound on the beautifully tranquil day, which was hard not to just get caught up with the wonderful Northern Irish countryside, throw into the mix of paddling through the National trust owned Argory Estate and you begin to truly grasp what the area has to offer.

A huge thanks to Rodger and Graeme for pulling together a great gathering, now looking for the sign up slip for the next paddle on the calendar!


Gareth Mahood

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