CANI Performance Programmes


Goals of the Performance Programmes

The CANI Performance Programmes aim to enable talented Northern Irish athletes to enter British Canoeing World Class Programmes or Canoe Ireland High Performance programmes and go on to win medals at World and Olympic Level.

How will we do this?

This is achieved by CANI running programmes in the Olympic discipline of Canoe Sprint. These Programmes are:


The design of the Performance Pathway is driven by a top to bottom approach. This means evaluating what will be required to medal at future British/Irish, European, World, and Olympic Games, then working backwards to provide a system that works towards these goals.

The Slalom and Sprint Performance Pathway is split into:

  • Talent Squad Programmes
  • Development Squad Programmes
  • Talent ID Programmes.
  • Club Activity

We aim to keep the Performance Pathway as broad as possible for as long as possible, within the financial and resource constraints of CANI.
This is to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the training opportunities offered within the Performance Pathway. Please note
however, that this policy should not compromise the standards expected to enter and be retained in the Performance Pathway.

Entry and exit strategy

Entry to training within the Performance Programmes and progression up the Performance Pathway is via consistent and transparent selection methods. This is outlined in the relevant Discipline Sections of the CANI Website. It is necessary so that paddlers and parents understand what is required to enter, be retained in and to move up the Performance Pathway. There will also be flexibility within the system, so paddlers may leave the Performance training environment and re-enter that environment, subject to achieving the required entry criteria.

Training Opportunities

To push athlete’s performance forward, we deliver support in the different programmes through the following key factors:

Daily Training

CANI will strive to deliver coach led training on a day to day basis at identified places to consistently follow, advise and coach athletes along their journey.

Training Camps

CANI will organise training camps and provide support at races to give athletes world class standard experience to prepare and succeed at major events.


CANI are committed to raising the standard of local training in Northern Ireland. We work closely with local clubs, schools and different local partners to generate a competitive environment and a coordinated support to access all facilities needed to generate high performance.

Own Training

In addition, it is expected that athletes supplement their own training e.g. through individual coaching, club activities and off-water training.
This is because athletes will have to complete additional training that is not lead by Performance Pathway coaches in order to meet the
necessary standards