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Recommendations for Return to Paddlesport with CANI – Step 2

For full report see CANI website here

CANI welcome the latest update on Friday 12th June from the NI Executive and Sport NI for the further easing of restrictions for watersports. Sport NI have stated that, in their view we are at Step 2 of the Sport NI Framework for outdoor sports activity.

Please take care to follow Northern Ireland specific guidance from the NI Executive and from CANI for paddlesport as other regions have different phases. 

CANI has taken guidance from NI Executive, Sport NI, British Canoeing and other National Associations to keep things as simple as possible to understand and safe for all.

See here for NI Direct and here for the Sport NI Framework

If you are shielding or have symptoms

Do not leave home to take part in sport or physical activity if NI Executive advice means you should stay at home because you, or someone you live with, has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus. People who are shielding should not undertake activities. People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 7 days; household members for 14 days as per info on NHS guidance. All exercise taken must be consistent with current Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing and hygiene. There may be a need to adapt to changes in guidance at short notice. Information on NI Executive Government’s approach to managing covid-19 is available here.

At present CANI recommends that the following steps are followed for all paddlesport:

  • Paddlers who are competent for the environment and can individually self-rescue can go paddling; staying within their capability, maintaining current social distancing guidelines in a group of up to 10
  • Mitigating procedures should be in place to reduce the likelihood of breaking social distancing guidelines. Paddle only where no rescues are likely to be needed and self rescue will be sufficient. Circumstances where rescues that break social distancing are likely should be avoided.
  • At this step beginner/novice sessions should be avoided due to the difficulty of maintaining social distancing. Beginners’ sessions introduce the unknown elements of participant’s; water confidence, physical ability and boat control therefore it will be very difficult to have effective mitigating strategies in place to maintain social distancing. CANI is obliged to make the most reasonable interpretation of government guidance in the service of its members. To operate within the scope of the British Canoeing/CANI insurance, you must be following the NI Executive Guidance. If utilising independent insurance, check with your insurer.
  • A safety framework should be put in place whilst on the water.
  • Paddlers should be competent in the environment and able to self rescue.
  • Paddle only where no rescues are likely to be needed and self rescue will be sufficient. Circumstances where rescues that break social distancing are likely should be avoided.
  • Consideration should be given to the weather and water conditions and that both are well within your capabilities.
  • Tell someone where you are going and how long for – as well as letting them know when you’re off the water.
  • Only people from the same household can paddle crew boats, e.g. tandem sea kayaks and open canoes
  • Activity must respect local restrictions. (i.e. Waterways Ireland and the Coast Guard).
  • Follow current government guidance on use of public transport.
  • Only share transport with members of your household (e.g. no shuttles with people outside of your household).
  • There is no limit to travel but use common sense and do what is reasonable, CANI advise to remain local, avoid popular spots and places where you have to touch shared surfaces, lock gates, etc.
  • Expect public toilets and handwashing facilities to be closed. Use your toilet at home, and be extra sensitive of the need to observe best practice at all times.

For Club Guidance see here.

Sport NI Sportmaker Awards 2020

The Sport Northern Ireland SportMaker 2020 Awards recognise the outstanding contribution of coaches, officials, volunteers and projects over the previous 12 months and the role they play in encouraging people to benefit from the power of sport.

Sport Northern Ireland acknowledges that whilst the majority of sports ceased structured activity in March 2020 due to COVID-19, many SportMakers continued to play a vital role in supporting and developing others and we are extremely keen to learn more about the innovative and creative methods which were used to do so through the nomination process. 

There are six award categories for coaches, two award categories for officials, two award categories for volunteers and one category for SportMaker projects. 

Awards for Coaches

  • Children’s Coach of the Year 
  • Community Coach of the Year 
  • Young Coach of the Year 
  • Disability Coach of the Year 
  • Performance Pathway Coach of the Year 
  • Club Performance Coach of the Year


Awards for Officials

  • Technical Official of the Year
  • Technical Official of the Year (25 years of age and under)


Awards for Volunteers

  • Volunteer of the Year 
  • Young Volunteer of the Year (25 years of age and under)

Awards for Sporkmaker Projects

  • Project of the Year

A High Performance Coach of the Year award may also be presented in 2020. Sport Northern Ireland will seek nominations directly from governing bodies of sport for this category. 

Nominations can be made by members of the public across six award categories for coaches, two award categories for officials, two award categories for volunteers and one category for SportMaker projects. 

For further information / guidance or to submit nomination please use below links.

To nominate click here

For guidance documents click here

The nomination period will close on Friday 10 July 2020.

CANI encourages your Paddle Club to apply!

Revised Sport NI Safeguarding Children & Young People Online Virtual Workshops 

Sport NI have revised their Safeguarding Children and Young People Workshop to be able to deliver it online in light of the current situation.  Sport NI are now in the position to be able to offer workshops however there are a number of changes to the format as outlined below: 

The workshop will be delivered in two parts – part one is pre-learning that participants are required to undertake in advance of the online workshop.  This consists of a 25 minute video which provides important elements of the face-to-face workshop that has been adapted to be undertaken prior to the online workshop.  It is mandatory that participants undertake the pre-learning as they will be tested on their knowledge of it within the online workshop.  They will also receive the Safeguarding Children and Young People Resource booklet which they should read through prior to the online.  Part two will be an online virtual workshop via Zoom lasting approximately 100 minutes delivered by one of our experienced tutors. 

Presently Sport NI are only taking individual participant bookings via Eventbrite.  The cost per participant is £15.  Participants must register via Eventbrite for the date specific workshop they wish to take part in (see booking details below). Once registered, they will receive an email that their registration is confirmed as well as the pre-learning materials and the link to access the online workshop.

Workshops  will take place via Zoom with a tutor delivering the content live.  Participants will be required to log onto Zoom via the link approx. 5-10 mins prior to the start of the workshop.  Following introductions, the tutor will deliver the interactive workshop which lasts approximately 100 minutes plus breaks so just less than 2 hours.  Throughout the workshop participants will be expected to  fully participate (with their cameras on) in polls and breakout rooms to test knowledge and promote discussion (just as in the face-to-face workshop). 

Upon completion of the online virtual workshop participants will receive a certificate of attendance and be asked to give their feedback via a short online survey.  Certificates will be issued dependent on participants fully engaging in the workshop content. 

The number of places on each workshop is limited to 12 persons presently to allow for the participant/tutor interaction to take place and ensure a good quality experience for all taking part. 

Any enquiries should be directed to


Monday 29th June 2020 7pm to 9pm- Link to book here

Tuesday 30th June 2020 7pm to 9pm- Link to book here

NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) Covid-19 Article 

Please read the attached link from the CPSU on sports maintaining safeguarding standards whilst following guidance on social distancing due to Covid-19 here 

PaddlePoints Blogs

PaddlePoints is for paddlers new and experienced. It is free to access without an account, but creating one will allow you to map your own public and private routes. You will also be able to comment on others’ points, upload images, store hazards, and create Personal Information Markers to receive updates about new routes and points on your favourite waterways.

Click here for PaddlePoint Blogs by topic.

Reminder: Incident Reporting Form & Near Misses

Please be reminded that in 2017 British Canoeing formed a UK wide Safety Panel to improve safety systems, work with partner agencies and provide guidance.


Included in this work is the monitoring of incidents and near misses, not just injury and accidents but all incidents whether access disputes, environmental, or due to other water users etc. 

It is a single UK wide incident reporting system, including Northern Ireland, that enables you to record your experiences and request support and assistance if there is a problem that needs to be resolved. 

The information we have is only as good as the information submitted. So if you, your club or group, have been involved in an incident or near miss tell us what has happened. The information you give us could help keep others safe. 

For more information and to report an incident or near miss visit here