CANI News Splash January 2021, Ed.3

Vote for the Next British Canoeing President

Please see a note from British Canoeing for your information.

Please Note that only CANI full and life members are eligible to vote for the next British Canoeing President.

Following an open nomination process (click here we are delighted to confirm that four candidates are standing to become the next British Canoeing President;

  • Rowland Lawler
  • Tom Parker
  • Dee Paterson
  • Greg Spencer

CANI full and life members are invited to vote for their preferred candidate for President. To help inform your vote, details of the four candidates can be found online here 

You may either vote online here or through postal ballot by printing the voting form (click hereand posting it to British Canoeing, to be received by the specified deadline.

Online and postal voting closes on Friday 19 February and Monday 22 February respectively.

The election will be determined by first past the post voting. The final result will then be announced to members at the AGM on Saturday 13 March 2021.

If you have any problems accessing the forms, please contact Nancy Squires at

Full details including voting, the candidates and the role of the President are available on the British Canoeing website here .

We look forward to receiving your votes.