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Happy New Year

Sports Sustainability Fund – Deadline Extended 
– To Monday 11th January 2021 for CANI Clubs

The closing date for clubs to submit their Sustainability Fund applications to CANI Chief Officer, Lauren Smythe, to include in the final consolidated application has been extended to 4pm on Monday 11th January 2021 due to Sport NI moving back the application date.

Please submit your final applications to Lauren Smythe, Chief Officer, at by 4pm on Monday 11th January 2021.

Please Note: CANI are obliged as part of the terms of this grant to publish a breakdown of all funding awarded to each paddle club.

Sport NI Sustainability Fund Information

On Friday 4th December 2020 Sport NI opened the £25M Sports Sustainability Fund. The fund is designed to help governing bodies of sport and clubs who have been financially impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Sport NI CEO, Antoinette McKeown said;

“The Sports Sustainability Fund is critical to ensure the survival of sports in financial hardship, as a result of the impacts of COVID19. This much needed public funding will sustain those sporting organisations, who can clearly and transparently evidence a financial need, caused by this pandemic.  This funding will also enable the sports sector to be sustained through this crisis, so they can continue to support our communities at this time and then help us emerge from this crisis, by delivering the physical, emotional and mental health benefits of sport in our communities.

Sport NI and the Department for Communities recognise the significant financial impact of the restrictions on sports governing bodies, clubs and sporting organisations; limiting opportunities for organisations to generate income in the usual ways, such as club membership, running events and competitions, having spectators at games and by attracting sponsorship. Therefore the Sports Sustainability Fund will provide the needed financial support to alleviate evidenced financial hardship, experienced as a result of COVID19. 

It is important that we recognise the vital role that our clubs, their governing bodies of sport, and other sporting organisations have played during these difficult times; supporting their communities and those in need or vulnerable. We also know that the sports sector has a critical role to play in helping our communities emerge from this crisis, and to realise the physical, mental and mental benefits of sport that will be more important than ever.”

The fund will be administered by Sport NI and will be open from Friday 4th December 2020. Further information on the Sports Sustainability Fund is available here.

Paddle Clubs should apply through CANI as their governing body.  Sport NI will not accept applications directly from clubs.  For Club guidance notes and spreadsheet application form please click here.

Mary Peters Trust “Mask Out to Help Out

Jake Cochrane

CANI canoe slalom athlete, Jake Cochrane, who is part of the Canoeing Ireland performance programme and is wearing his Mary Peters Trust snood as part of the “Mask Out to Help Out” initiative outlines what it means to him being a Mary Peters Trust athlete.  Jake said;


“I have been lucky enough to be supported by the Mary Peters Trust for the past six years and I am extremely grateful to be awarded the award for 2021. Receiving the award each year helps offset some financial pressure of paying my way to get to competitions and next year the award will help pay for part of my expenses of competing at the 2021 European Championships, taking some pressure of paying for the event and allowing me to as prepared as possible to perform my best at these championships!”

British Canoeing launches NEW Leadership and Raft Guide 

Awards Suite and Supportive Resources

British Canoeing is pleased to announce that the NEW Leadership and Raft Guide Awards are now available. See Youtube video here

The new awards aim to create more opportunities for people to paddle by increasing the number of qualified leaders. 

The awards suite aligns to the British Canoeing Educational Philosophy and supports leaders and raft guides to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips, based on their group’s needs and aspirations.

The awards are ideal for clubs, centres and activity providers looking to lead groups on single or mixed craft journeys, from sheltered water to advanced water.

Supportive Resources

There are a range of new resources available to support you in your development as a Leader or Raft Guide, as well as resources to support your trips and journeys, see here.

  • The new leaders and raft guide self analysis tool here aids you in identifying specific areas of development, so you can plan your own unique learning and development journey based on your responses. 
  • Whether you’re driving 20 miles down the road to a new location or planning an overseas expedition, the new leading in unfamiliar environments elearning will provide top tips and considerations.  Click here.
  • The guidance for leading mixed craft is ideal if you’re looking to become a Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Touring Leader. Click here.
  • A selection of resources to support your leadership decision making when considering using weirs. Click here.
  • A revised and revamped digital logbook is available to download so you can record your experience, forming a diary to capture and reflect. This will support you in your progress towards assessment. This can also be used as a development record for qualified leaders. 
  • The Raft Guide video playlist is ideal for anyone on their journey to become a Stadium Raft Guide, Raft Guide or River Trip Leader.  Click here.

Read more about the new awards here  

NEW Stadium Personal Performance Awards

British Canoeing is pleased to announce that we are introducing two new Personal Performance Awards, for those looking to develop their personal skills on man-made, artificial white water courses.

The NEW Stadium White Water Award and Progressive Stadium White Water Award are designed to develop your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out white water paddling on a man-made, white water venue.

Read the Stadium Personal Performance Awards course here.

Find a course

Upcoming courses are advertised by the Delivery Centres. Please contact your Delivery Centre to find out more at CANI here.

Become a Provider

If you’re interested in becoming a Provider of the NEW Stadium Awards, you will need to complete the Personal Performance Awards Provider elearning here .

The eLearning provides 3 years’ CPD, the British Canoeing Assessor training and access to a range of logos to use for your marketing and promotion. 

Aspirant Providers will need to hold the following roles or qualification to deliver the awards or work towards delivering the awards. 

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