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Sport NI Launch Athlete Award Programme 2021-22


Sport NI have launched the Athlete Award Programme 2021-22 and the programme is now open for applications through CANI. The Athlete Award programme investment aims to enable athletes to train in order to maximise their potential.


The Athlete Award Programme has a budget of £300,000, with three categories of annual awards: £1,500, £3,000 and £6,000. The award can be used to help an athlete with their essential personal living costs.


CANI will apply on behalf of athletes from Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sports. In the 2021-22 programme there will be an additional focus on athletes who can deliver medals and top 8 finishes at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Sports may consider nominating athletes who are at a key transition stage in the sport, athletes on a recognised pathway who are not yet at the level to be funded by UK Sport or Sport Ireland, or identified athletes on the Performance Pathway who are at risk of exclusion due to their personal circumstances.

For guidance notes please click here.


Please contact Chief Officer, Lauren Smythe, for a CANI application form.  The deadline for applications to be submitted to Lauren Smythe at CANI is Friday 19th February 2021 at 12 noon and please email to

Sport NI Project Reboot

Team Up – £10k to £25k Funding for Clubs

“Collaborations & Partnerships”

Project Reboot: Team Up was launched on 8th January 2021 within the innovation strand of Build Back Better.  It is designed to enable grant investment in new and innovative projects intended to support the engagement and re-engagement of participants into sport from 1st April 2021  31st March 2022 with a focus on partnership and engagement aimed at sports clubs and organisations enabling sport. 

For further details on Build Back Better and its strands click here.

Surf Kayak & Windsurfer 

Leslie Boydell invites anyone who is interested in a surf kayak or windsurfer that he now no longer needs to please contact him at or on 07808911353 to find out more.

Access NI Checks

It’s a good time for clubs to review and prepare for the return to activity when lockdown ends.  Please consider processing an Access NI check for your Club volunteers through CANI throughout February and March 2021.

Please see the CANI website here for details of Access NI checks.

If you have any queries regarding your application please contact the CANI office at    

E-Learning Safeguarding Course

British Canoeing Awarding Body and the National Associations are committed to helping everyone in paddlesport accept their responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk from harm and abuse, and ensure appropriate training and education for coaches, leaders and deployers.

It is essential that everyone has at least a basic understanding of what behaviour is appropriate, how to identify a safeguarding concern and be confident about how to respond, as well as being clear about how to access support.

The eLearning safeguarding refresher training is applicable to Coaches, Leaders, Club Welfare Officers and all others who have a role working with children or adults at risk, who are required to maintain the currency of their safeguarding training every 3 years.

Please note that the safeguarding refresher course does not meet the requirements of initial safeguarding training.  Please refer to British Canoeing’s safeguarding training requirements guidance document G21 here for further details.

This eLearning is available to purchase at a cost of £10. Once completed, your National Association record will be updated. Please click here to complete the NEW Safeguarding Refresher training.

Dormant Accounts Fund

Dormant Accounts Fund NI will support the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to be more resilient and prepared for the future by funding activity that increases capacity and sustainability. This is a rolling fund, taking a phased and long term approach to support the sector.

In the grant programme, funding will be distributed to organisations that can identify the best way to improve their long term capacity, sustainability or resilience to best deliver their mission.

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New and Lapsed CANI Members

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