CANI Equality Developments

CANI needs you – its members – to help us address equality of opportunity.

CANI created and adopted an Equality Action Plan in 2015 to look at ways that we, as an organisation, could become more inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of an individual’s personal characteristics, and to ensure that all participants are treated fairly.

Establishing an Equality Advisory Group was identified as a key first step, to advise on matters relevant to the delivery of this Equality Action Plan, and we are pleased to announce that this group has now been formed and held its first meeting on 23/02/16.

An important aspect of the Equality Action Plan was to identify under-represented groups in CANI’s membership, and also in its management and coaching structures.

The group decided to work on a couple of key actions in the first instance, with a view to addressing many issues over the longer term. These initial actions will be geared towards increasing the number of female paddlers, and making their experience of paddlesport more satisfactory, and also towards making it easier for people with disabilities to go canoeing.

As regards the first of these initiatives, we would like to invite two clubs to volunteer to coordinate a come and try it event geared towards female paddlers. We would like to see one short recreational paddle (e.g. 10am – 1pm, potentially somewhere like the Lower Bann) This could be a family friendly event, and would not exclude male paddlers, but we hope that such timings would be ideal to attract a higher percentage of women. We would also like to see a women and girls only event, which may be a first step towards the creation of a Women’s group longer term.

We would also appreciate an expression of interest from two clubs who would be happy to lead the way in making it easier for people with disabilities to go canoeing, and who would be willing to work with us to create suitable events. We would initially see the development of a pool session followed by an outdoor event, with plenty of opportunities to learn from disabled paddlers themselves as to what we need to do to adapt to their needs.

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