CANI AGM. February 29th 2016.

The AGM is a great way to find out about what has been happening this year in the NI paddling community. It is also a chance to catch up with folk you haven’t seen for a while.

This year we are really hoping to recruit new members for the committees which help to shape the purpose and aims of your National Governing Body.

CANI Council  supports CANI staff in their roles and guides the long term direction of the Association.  If you have skills in finance or marketing we would particularly welcome interest in this committee.

There is also a Coaching Panel,  a Recreational Panel, Club Panel and a Performance committee. Discipline specific committees will also be formed directly after the AGM. All of these groups require committed people to represent the members of CANI,  in order to further develop our sport in Northern Ireland and beyond.

 If you are interested in any of these areas and could spare some time to attend a meeting (frequency depending on the group but not more than once a month) to help CANI, come to the AGM and have a chat with the current members before the meeting starts. You could also call the office to have a chat about what may be involved in the various roles.

Come and share your support. Find out what CANI is doing for you and what you can do for CANI!

AGM report 2016

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